~Kata Hikmah~

``Orang Beriman yang dipupuk semangat taqwa akan sentiasa yakin bahawa dalam keadaan apa sekalipun dia tidak akan melakukan perkara yang dilarang oleh Allah s.w.t' '

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Muhammad, The Divine Presence is Calling


Over 1400 years ago, on the 27th of the holy month of Rajab, the
Prophet Muhammad (S) experienced one of the most significant events
in the history of humanity.

During an evening of quiet meditation and contemplation, he
received a heavenly invitation from the Almighty to the Divine
Presence. This even is known as Isra wal-Mi'raj, and it's
time coincides with NOW.

It is said that a special divine opening is present during this
holy period, and you can take advantage of it with extra prayers
and meditation today and tonight.

Although the Journey and Ascenscion is recorded as an external
journey, it's reality is from the seen to the unseen, from
dunya to the Divine Presence, from the outer world to the inner.

Allah Almighty in a Hadith Qudsi has said, "Neither the
heavens nor the earth can contain Me, save the heart of the
believer." And also in the Holy Qur'an, "I am nearer
to you than your jugular vein."

Muhammad, although we tend to seek outside of ourselves for
God, for peace and security, the real journey is within. To find
God, and thus peace, prosperity and divine purpose, we must learn
to turn inward.

Check out this article on how meditation in Islam helps us learn to
connect with the Divine Presence and overcome the ego-mind that is
the source of all of our fear and suffering.

If Islamic practice lacks presence and spirituality, it may be
likened to a body without a soul, an empty shell.

Islam offers so much more than dry ritual, and it's up to us to
take advantage of the rich spiritual heritage we have been honored


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